I’ve been doing Pilates now for almost 2 years.  Before beginning my Pilates sessions, I had already had 2 lower back surgeries for herniated discs in L5 and S1 with nerve impingement.  After my first Pilates session and a postural analysis, I learned that I had a flat back posture which possibly caused some of my injuries in my lower back.  Practicing Pilates regularly has improved my posture and has significantly helped me to realign my spine and improve the natural lordotic curve that a healthy spine should have.  Additionally, it has helped me with my flexibility and core strength, not to mention that my back is no longer in pain. – Michelle S.

WOW! Joseph Pilates was right.  After 10 sessions, I felt  a big differnce in my body from the inside out.  After 20 sessions, I started to see the differnce in my body.  I saw an increase in my endurance during a gruelling 2 day backpacking trip.  I’m eagerly awaiting to complete 30 sessions so that I can have a whole new body. – Keri B.

I have had scoliosis since I was about 12 years old. While in my early 30’s I had been struggling with a weak S/I joint that frequently goes out of place. It is incredibly painful and restricts my activity greatly. Since coming to Pilates and practicing yoga I have noticed a huge reduction in me struggles. My S/I joint has stayed in place much more than in the past and even if I come to class in pain when I leave it has usually been relieved. There are also times I have come to class when one of my legs has been longer than the other. Again after my hour of exercise and engaging different muscle groups I have left class with both legs being much closer to even. I do use chiropractic care when needed but during the past 1.5 years my visits have gone from about 1 visit every couple of months down to about 1 – 2 visits a year. – Miriam H.

I appreciate all the time, effort and care you put into each class.  They are well thought out, well organized, challenging, and if we have a question, you have the answer.   I have learned more about correct form in your class and this has helped me tone better, not to mention save my lower back by strengthening my abs. I also know that you care about us as people.  You are not just interested in the numbers of your classes but the people that are there. – Lisa E.