Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox

Growing up in Hawai’i Samantha was always involved in some kind of water sports.   She learned to swim at the age of 5 and started swimming competitively at 8 years old.   Soon after she learned to  surf at Waikiki Beach, swam in the first Rough Water Swim, raced ocean kayaks, outrigger canoes and sailed around the islands.

Samantha began dancing at the age of 10, first starting with the Hula until she found Jazz.  She trained in Jazz dance and performed in a local production of “A Chorus Line”.  In 1996 she came to Utah to visit a friend, and never left.  Being landlocked, swimming was out of the question and since she couldn’t find any adult dance classes, she turned to Pilates.  Samantha dove right in and purchased a STOTT Pilates reformer. Immediately she realized the benefits of Pilates and she was able to maintain her swimmer/dancers body.

In 2008, she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer.   She underwent a bilateral mastectomy on May 8th, the first year she was unable to participate in the Race for the Cure, as she had lost her mother to breast cancer in May of 1998, but since has run for her every year.  She spent the next six months going through chemotherapy, radiation and numerous reconstruction surgeries. Throughout her treatment she was still staying as active as she could.   She walked every morning and soon her walks turned into runs.  Samantha created a program of stretches and Pilates that she did everyday and also rode her road bike on an indoor trainer.   Due to complications from the radiation her incisions would not heal and was advised by her plastic surgeon that she would need to have Latissimus Dorsi Flap surgery, and that it might be difficult to ride a bike uphill, swim the crawl and cross country ski, activities that require that muscle to pull.   Six weeks after surgery she was back on her bike and rode in the Salt Lake City Bike Tour.  Needless to say, she was still concerned about  swimming. Her surgery  was in December and she was not allowed in the pool until March. The first day in the pool she swam 2000 meters and did not swim like Nemo.   In July she competed in and finished the Tin Man Triathlon in Hawai’i.

Staying physically active and maintaing her  Pilates gave Samantha back her mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, self-confidence and most importantly her  life back.  She had been a real estate agent for twelve years but through her treatment and recovery  Samantha found her true passion.  She moved to Toronto for eight months to train at the STOTT Pilates International Corporate Training Center and on January 2, 2012 she opened Fox Pilates in Salt Lake City.

Certifications:  STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, Injuries and Special Populations, Dance Specialist, Total Barre™ Instructor,  Zen-Ga Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer,  and  TRX™ Qualified Instructor.

Pamela Justice Velasco, M.A.

Pamela Velasco

A fan of movement since kicking in her mother’s womb, Pam started competing in running, swimming, and other sports since 2nd grade.  During college she was introduced to Pilates and practiced it regularly for over 2 decades.  After years of teaching in public education and working in the private sector as a Behavioral Analyst, she decided to leave her career in order to pursue her passion for fitness, while applying her prior knowledge of observation, functional and behavioral analysis along with lesson development, programming, and treatment planning.  Mind and Body Movement soon took over her life and she has never looked back.

As a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, Group Fitness and Personal Trainer, and Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Pam has helped hundreds of clients modify their behaviors and lifestyles in order to achieve their health and fitness goals.  Today, she continues with the same sports she did as a kid, but has added a myriad of other certifications to her resume, such as TRX®, Group Barbell, Total Barre™, and Yoga.  When not at the gym or in the Pilates Studio, she can be found traveling around the world with her son and husband.  Other times, you’ll find her in the kitchen cooking up ethnic cuisine from her travels or in the ocean as she is a certified advanced open water diver.

Teaching and training since 2005

Degrees:  M.A. Psycholinguistics/Education, University of Malaga, Spain
                  University of California, Santa Barbara Extension, CA
                  Teaching Credential, Chapman University, VAFB, CA
                  B.A. Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Certifications:  STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, Injuries and Special Populations, Dance Specialist, Total Barre™ Instructor, AFAA and NASM Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, TRX™ Qualified Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Zen-Ga Instructor, AFAA Cardio Kickboxing, Group Barbell Conditioning (Pump), Lifestyle Fitness Coach, CPR/AED and First Aid certified.

Languages:  English and Spanish

Inventor and US Patent Pending

Jennifer Waldrop, LMT

Jennifer Waldrop

Jennifer Waldrop joined the Fox Pilates studio in November of 2013.  She has 20 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist and 20 years as a Master Esthetician.  Jennifer specializes in lash extensions and massage therapy.  She has been recognized for her excellent customer service skills and the five star massages she is well known for.  Jennifer has worked at the Spa at Sundance, Clarity Skin, and in numerous other settings during her career in Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

Jennifer enjoys hiking, biking, wakesurfing and spending time with her family.  She currently lives with her husband and children in Eagle Mountain, Utah.